I can’t help but wonder why in the hell do I have to be crazy? I know being bipolar doesn’t mean you are crazy but I feel crazy at times. One minute I am just happy and content and the next I am thinking about how I wish I could blow up everyone within 100 feet of me. (okay guys I will never do it it’s just one of the crazy things that goes through my mind) I think it would really help me if my husband had some common sense. For those of you who know me and my husband you will understand exactly what I mean by that. I hate having this disease because I never know what I will feel from one minute to the next at times. And throw in bring in menopause and I am really insane!!!

So I have been on these meds for almost 2 weeks now, I really don’t feel a difference but I hope the people around me can. I think I am somewhat better. No one has been killed so something must be working. I am able to get out of the bed without having to force myself to. I can actually do my housework without having to talk myself into it. I hate it still but it’s not so hard now. So I guess I am on the right track with the meds and going to see the PDoc.

Well we will see how sane I am after this week is over, it is spring break and I will have my kids home all week plus a couple here and there. Oh My God, What the HELL was I thinking? 2 weeks out from a near nervous breakdown/maniac/depressed episode and I wanna babysit during spring break. Well we will see how I am come the end of the week. Till then Jamie


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